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Cargo Consolidation is a process of combining multiple shipments from various shippers / customers which are collected at one point (ie. origin cfs/warehouse) and stuffed into one full container that are all being dispatched to the same location (ie. to one destination port). An example that we can look at from Al-Usood operations is the cargo that we currently move to Cochin, Mumbai & chennai ports. Various shippers/customers cargo is received at our warehouse & when ready to fill it in one full container, we stuff these consolidated cargo into the respective containers and ship it out to the destination port which in our case mainly is: the Cochin port, Mumbai port & Chennai port. The same way, we can develop this process of consolidating cargo for other countries as well.

In such cases, we need to establish cooperation with forwarding agents (network) at those respective ports where we intend to move our consolidated cargo in containers. For such shipments, each shipper/customer at our end will get Al-Usood house b/l for their cargo/shipment. We will then forward this consolidated cargo container to our agent at the destination port against one master bl from the carrier (shipping line) where Al-Usood becomes the shipper. The consignee & notify party will be our nominated agent at the destination port.

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